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Industrial 5G Routers

Our industrial routers with embedded 5G modem are designed for remote monitoring and management applications such as CCTV where you need a reliable and secure, high speed 5G mobile broadband Internet connection.  Our 5G routers with SIM slots that are classes are industrial will generally not be suitable for home or office use, however some manufacturers may have a general purpose, industrial 5G router that can work for M2M (Machine to Machine) applications as well as providing the same reliability and security for home and office use.  A great example of an Industrial router thatwould be suitable for home and office use is the Proroute RAPID NR550 5G router.

There are several manufacturers of Industrial 5G mobile broadband routers inlcuding Proroute, Teltonika, Sierra Wireless, Wlink, Elins, Cradlepoint, Robustel and 

Proroute RAPID NR550

Proroute RAPID NR550 5G Router With Dual SIM Slot

The RAPID NR550 from Proroute is a multi-purpose, industrial grade router with embedded 5G modem.  This router has dual SIM card slots for SIM Failover to add to its impressive 5G keep alive features to ensure a robust and reliable, high speed 5G Internet connection.

The NR550 router inlcudes 4 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports and 802.11AC WiFi hotspot with VPN and firewall.

The Proroute H685 5G Router is one of the most compact, low cost, industrial 5G routers currently available.  It features a single SIM slot accessed with 2 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports and 802.11AC WiFi.  It has all the security, VPN and firewall features of it’s bigger brother, the H900 5G Router.

The H685 5G router is already deployed in major traffic management systems as well as an array of M2M applications that either want the benefit of high speed 5G Internet or to replace 4G routers in large scale roll-outs to prevent expensive upgrades to 5G after a large 4G router deployment.

Proroute 5G H685

Proroute 5G H685 Router
Draytek 2927LAX 5G Router

Draytek Vigor 2927LAX-K 5G Router

Draytek have launched their embedded 5G modem router to offer small and medium businesses with the ultimate 5G router experience to enable high speed 5G internet as the primary business Internet service or for 5G failover to ensure business continuity in the event the primary wired broadband service is unavailable....

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D-Link DWP-1010 Outdoor 5G Router

D-Link DWP-1010 Outdoor 5G NR/LTE Router

DWP-1010 The D-Link DWP-1010 Outdoor 5G NR/LTE Cat 20 Router is an easy-to-deploy, high performance 5G/LTE outdoor unit. Rugged design and flexible deployment options combined with ease of use make the DWP-1010 ideal for both large-scale and individual deployments. DWP1010 Outdoor 5G Router – Key Features Dual mode enables selection...

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Meraki MG51 5G Router Gateway UK

Meraki MG51 5G Cat 20 Cellular Gateway

The Meraki MG51 5G Cat 20 Cellular Gateway simplifies the path to wireless WAN connectivity over 5G and makes cellular a viable primary uplink option for many networks, bypassing the necessity for wired circuits. The MG51 acts as a gateway to the internet cellular networks by converting 5G and LTE...

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DECO X80 5G Router from TP-Link

TP-Link Deco X80 5G Router For Home And Office

TP-Link Deco X80-5G WiFi 6 4G/5G Mesh Router The TP-Link Deco X80-5G WiFi 6 4G/5G Mesh Router delivers unrivalled download speeds of up to 5 Gbps, and with the latest mobile network technologies, lag will be a thing of the past. WiFi 6 Mesh brings broader coverage, more connections, and...

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U300 5G Router

PUSR U300 Industrial 5G Router

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected is more important than ever. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the U300 5G Router – a cutting-edge solution for both home and commercial connectivity needs. Here’s why the U300 stands out in the market: High-Speed, Wide-Range Connection 5G+Wi-Fi6 Technology: Experience blazing-fast internet speeds...

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Four-Faith F-NR500 Dual Modem Load Balancing Industrial 5G Router

Dual Modem 5G Router – FNR500 The FNR500 is a dual SIM, dual-module 5G IoT wireless communication router, utilizing public 3G/4G/5G networks for long-distance data transmission. It features a high-performance industrial-grade 32-bit processor and wireless module, operating on an embedded real-time OS. With four Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, one Gigabit...

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Teltonika OTD140 Outdoor 4G Router

Teltonika Networks has announced the launch of its first-ever outdoor router, the OTD140, designed to provide seamless and uninterrupted connectivity in various weather conditions. This product is a significant innovation in networking solutions, especially for applications that require robust and reliable outdoor connectivity. Key Features of the OTD140 Outdoor Router:...

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Unleash the Power of Teltonika TRB500: Your Ultimate 5G Gateway

In today’s connected world, staying online is more crucial than ever. Enter the Teltonika TRB500, your go-to 5G gateway/modem that offers blazing-fast internet. Let’s break it down in simpler terms and discover how it can benefit you, whether you’re in the office or exploring a world of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) possibilities....

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Billion BiPac 5500A 5G Router

Billion BiPac 5500A 5G Router

The Bipac 5500A is a high-performance router supporting 5G NR (sub-6G) and 4G LTE. It features Gigabit Ethernet WAN interfaces, an integrated 802.11n/ac dual-band wireless access point, and a 4-port Gigabit Ethernet LAN. The router offers automatic failover/failback between 5G NR and Gigabit Ethernet WAN, ensuring continuous internet connectivity. It...

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Nokia 5G Router

Nokia Fastmile 5G Router

If you’re looking for a reliable, cost-effective connection to superfast 5G broadband, then you’ve come to the right place. Nokia’s FastMile 5G Router is your gateway to hassle-free, lightning-fast internet access. Experience gigabit speeds by simply using it with a data SIM card! This all-in-one gateway seamlessly integrates 4G, 5G,...

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Roaming Fixed IP SIM Cards

Unleashing Connectivity: The Power of Roaming Fixed IP SIM Cards for Seamless Remote Access and Enhanced Resilience In the dynamic landscape of connectivity, businesses and individuals alike are constantly seeking innovative solutions to ensure reliable and secure remote access. One such breakthrough in this realm is the advent of Roaming...

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io-gate 4g 5g gateway for IoT

Round Solutions IO-GATE 4G and 5G IoT Gateway

Unlock Unparalleled Connectivity with IO-GATE: Your Ultimate 5G IoT Gateway Solution Embark on a new era of Industrial IoT connectivity with IO-GATE, the world’s leading IoT gateway meticulously designed for a myriad of applications, including smart city infrastructure, smart farming, asset tracking, condition monitoring, pharmaceutical and chemical IoT, and industrial...

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Draytek 2865Lax-5G

Draytek 5G Routers

Draytek have announced that they will be launching three new 5G routers in 2024 that have embedded 5G modems.  These high speed 5G routers let Draytek customers take advantage of increasing footprint and coverage of UK network operators 5G mobile network while also supporting 4G/LTE. Vigor 2927Lax-5G Vigor 2865Lax-5G Vigor...

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