5G Fixed IP SIM Cards

Use a 5G Fixed IP SIM card inserted into your 5G router to provide a high speed 5G mobile broadband Internet connection with a fixed, public IP address to enable remote connectivity to the 5G router from anywhere on the Internet.  This will mean that your 5G router, which is using the Fixed IP SIM Card can be easily accessed from anywhere on the Internet and subsequently any device connected to the LAN side of the router can be connected to using port forwarding.

By using a fixed IP sim card on the 5G mobile network in conjunction with an industrial grade M2M 5G router you can provide a high speed Internet solution for remote access and monitoring in any location that supports the 5G mobile network service.  If your 5G router and 5G SIM card cannot connect to a 5G service then it can also connect to available 4G mobile network services until 5G mobile Internet becomes available.

There are several different 5G data plans available with a Fixed, Public IP address which are dependant upon the 5G network carrier and the monthly inclusive data allowance.

The difference between using a normal 5G data SIM card and a 5G Fixed IP SIM Card is that a normal 5G SIM card obtained directly from the mobile networks will have a private IP address so you will be unable to connect to the router at all which means that port forwarding will not work.  Using a Fixed IP SIM card will provide a public IP address which means that you can connect to the 5G router and use port forwarding to connect to your devices on the LAN.