Proroute RAPID NR550 5G Router With Dual SIM Slot

Industrial 5G Routers

If you need a reliable and secure 5G Internet connection for remote access and monitoring then an Industrial 5G Router can provide a high speed cellular network connection with wired and wireless LAN connectivity for devices on the LAN.

For example, if you need 5G Internet access for CCTV where you need remote access to the NVR and cameras, then a 5G router like the Proroute RAPID NR550 can be installed on site and when used with a Fixed IP SIM card will provide a high speed cellular connection with a public IP address that provides the equivalent of a wired broadband service.

Access to the CCTV equipment is simple, using the public IP address and port forwarding.

THE NR550 Industrial router will ensure that the 4G or 5G connection will be stable and in the event that the cellular network disconnects the router it can use the network monitoring tools to automatically reconnect.  Cell networks will do this because of capacity on the network and 4G and 5G connections are classed as always available rather than always on.

So whilst there may be short period of downtime, the built-in, easily configurable network monitoring features in most Industrial 5G routers will ensure a consistent 4G/5G connection and reduce the number of site visits to manually reboot the router.

Some Industrial routers will also have dual SIM card slots, this is to provide the user with additional network resiliency options so that if the primary network operator loses service then the router can failover to the backup SIM card.


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