Vehicle 5G Antenna BATM4-6-60

5G Vehicle Antenna, 4×4 MiMo 4G/5G With Optional WiFi and GPS – Panorama BATM4-6-60

When using a 5G router for an in-vehicle installation, for example a smartbus, that requires the installation of an external 5G antenna suitable for vehicle installation then the Panorama BATM4-6-60 has you covered.

Panorama BATM4-6-60

Vehicle 5G Antenna BATM4-6-60

The Panorama BAT[X]M4 range is a discrete or covert 4×4 MiMo antenna solution for 4G / 5G with the option of GPS/GNSS, and 2×2, 3×3 or 4×4 dual band 2.4/5.0-7.2GHz WiFi 6e.

The 4G/5G antenna elements cover 617-960/1427-6000MHz to provide a robust communications link to ensure high data rates even in challenging network coverage areas.

The antenna can include a GPS/GNSS module with advanced filtering for either L1/E1/G1/B1 only or dual band L1/E1/G1/B1 with L5/E5a. The antenna is IP55 rated and designed to be mounted on or under a vehicle dashboard or parcel shelf but can be mounted on any non-conductive surface. Versions without GPS can be mounted vertically to a wall or panel.

The BAT 5G antenna range is supplied with integrated low loss flame retardant cables which meet the requirements of UN ECE R118 and EN45545-2.

The basic model is the BATM4-6-60 which is supplied as a 4×4 MiMo 4G/5G antenna with 4 x 3m long cables with SMA Male connectors which will suit connection to the majority of 5G routers that have 4 x SMA antenna connectors for cellular.  Compatible with routers like the Teltonika RUTX50 and Robustel R5020 this antenna can also be mounted on the outside of a building making ideal for a temporary office / construction site office and even for some home and office installations where the 3m cable length is suited.  We would not recommend using extension cables with this antenna,

FAKRA Connectors

Some in-vehicle 5G routers, like the Billion M600 have FAKRA antenna connectors so the Panorama BATM4-6-60-1FKJ is a version that provides 4×4 MiMO antenna connectivity with 4 x FAKRA antenna connectors for cellular connectivity.  The Sierra Wireless XR90 5G router is another common example of a vehicle 5G router that uses FAKRA antenna connectors.

Pattern Omnidirectional
Max Input Power(W) 5
Typical VSWR <2.5:1
Frequency Range | Gain Check the part number table
Cellular LTE Elements 4 x 4 MIMO
WIFI Elements No; 2 x 2 MIMO; 4 x 4 MIMO
UHF Elements No
GPS Frequency Range 1559-1612MHz; 1164-1189MHz/1559-1612MHZ
LNA GAIN (dB) 26dB; 30dB/26dB
Number of GPS Elements No; 1 Module
Colour Black
Length 196 (mm) | 7.72 (in)
Width 232 (mm) | 9.13 (in)
Height 25 (mm) | 0.98 (in)
Operating Temperature -40°/ +80°C (-40.0°/ +176.0°F)
Cable Length – LTE 3 (m) | 9.84 (ft)
Cable length – GPS 3 (m) | 9.84 (ft)
Cable Length – WIFI 3 (m) | 9.84 (ft)
Cable Type (LTE) CS32; FR CS32
Cable Type (GPS) FR RG174
Cable Type (WIFI) FR CS32
Connector (WIFI) SMA Rev Pol
Connector (GPS) SMA (m)
Connector (LTE) SMA (m)
Mounting Type Fixed Wall
Mounting Type Temp Dash; Glass Mount; Hook/Loop or Adhesive
Mounting Methods Dash; Glass Mount; Hook/Loop or Adhesive; Wall
IP Rating IP55
Cable Flammability UN ECE R118
Technology 4G/5G; 5G; 2G/3G/4G; Band 71 600MHz ready; CBRS; GPS; GNSS; WIFI MIMO; WIFI; WIFI 6E


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