Netgear Nighthawk 5G router

Nighthawk M6 Pro WiFi 6E Mobile Hotspot 5G Router, Unlocked, up to 4Gbps

Unleash Blazing-Fast Internet on the Go with the NETGEAR MR6450 5G WiFi 6E Mobile Router

Experience the Future of Mobile Internet

In today’s hyperconnected world, high-speed internet access is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Whether you’re a business traveler, a frequent flyer, or simply someone who enjoys working or streaming from anywhere, a reliable and fast mobile internet solution is crucial. That’s where the NETGEAR MR6450 5G WiFi 6E Mobile Router comes into play.

This revolutionary device delivers blazing-fast 5G speeds of up to 4Gbps, allowing you to download large files, stream high-definition videos, and game without any lag or buffering. It’s also equipped with the latest WiFi 6E technology, which provides enhanced network capacity and reliability, even in crowded environments.

Powerful Features for Seamless Performance

Beyond its impressive speed and connectivity, the NETGEAR MR6450 boasts a range of features that make it the ultimate mobile internet companion. Its compact and portable design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, whether you’re on the road, at a hotel, or simply working from your backyard.

The router supports up to 32 devices simultaneously, ensuring that everyone in your group can stay connected and enjoying their favorite online activities. It also features a 2.5G Ethernet port for delivering ultra-fast wired speeds to laptops or connecting to a home WiFi router or mesh system.

Secure and Reliable Connectivity

Security is paramount when it comes to mobile internet, and the NETGEAR MR6450 doesn’t disappoint. It comes equipped with NETGEAR Armorâ„¢, a comprehensive cybersecurity suite that protects your devices from malware, viruses, and online threats.

The router also supports WPA3 encryption, the latest WiFi security protocol, which provides enhanced protection against unauthorized access. Additionally, its built-in VPN client allows you to connect to private networks securely when on the go.

The Perfect Choice for Mobile Professionals and Travelers

Whether you’re a business professional who needs reliable internet for remote work or a frequent traveller who wants seamless connectivity on the go, the NETGEAR MR6450 is the ideal choice. It’s also perfect for families and groups who want to share a fast and secure internet connection while on the move.

Unlock the Power of 5G for Enhanced Mobility

With its ground breaking 5G technology, the NETGEAR MR6450 redefines mobile internet. Experience the freedom to work, stream, and game without limits, wherever your travels take you.

  • Ultimate versatility with high-performance, secure, 5G internet with WiFi 6E technology at home or on the go
  • Replace slow internet connection with 5G WiFi as the primary connection for your home or business. Remove battery and use power adapter to boost WiFi coverage and performance. With wireless and wired connectivity, M6 Pro ensures reliable, high-speed internet
  • Ideal as a backup solution when you require 24/7 access to connect your home or office network, surveillance cameras and smart home devices
  • Take M6 Pro on the go as a more powerful and secure alternative to a mobile phone hotspot. Connect up to 32 devices simultaneously, get better WiFi performance, and stop draining your phone battery
  • Unlocked to work in over 125 countries, keeping you connected around the world. Swap SIM cards and data plans in seconds
  • Get secure, private connectivity with M6 Pro instead of using risky public WiFi networks where data can be easily compromised
  • Long lasting battery for up to 13 hours on a single charge*
  • Effortlessly set up, change WiFi settings, share access, and monitor your data usage on the 2.8″ color LCD touch screen
  • Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 5G Modem-RF System with ground breaking speeds up to 4Gbps

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