Neowave G5500E 5G eSIM Router

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The Neowave G5500E Industrial 5G router is the next generation of M2M connectivity solutions to provide long term connectivity with the convenience of embedded 4G / 5G modem combined with eSIM connectivity to enable remote update to change your Fixed IP eSIM service to reduce the need for inconvenient and expensive site visits when it is time to switch your Fixed IP SIM Card service.

This 5G eSIM router can be used solely with a Fixed IP eSIM service but also has two SIM card slots that can be used with normal 4GSIM Cards or 5G SIM Cards, or 4G or 5G Fixed IP SIM Cards so you can initially install and use this 5G router with a 4G or 5G SIM service and utilise the eSIM service when you want to switch to a new provider in the future.


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