io-gate 4g 5g gateway for IoT

Round Solutions IO-GATE 4G and 5G IoT Gateway

Unlock Unparalleled Connectivity with IO-GATE: Your Ultimate 5G IoT Gateway Solution

Embark on a new era of Industrial IoT connectivity with IO-GATE, the world’s leading IoT gateway meticulously designed for a myriad of applications, including smart city infrastructure, smart farming, asset tracking, condition monitoring, pharmaceutical and chemical IoT, and industrial automation.

IO-GATE Key Features:

  1. Global Connectivity at Unprecedented Speeds
    • Experience up to 5.5Gbps of ultra-high-speed cellular connectivity globally, supporting both 4G and 5G networks.
  2. Cybersecurity Assurance with DeepCover Integration
    • Rest easy with embedded DeepCover controllers from Maxim Integrated, ensuring secure data transfers across the cyberspace.
  3. Effortless Device Management via RoSo Platform
    • Take control with advanced device management and configuration through the user-friendly RoSo platform, accessible via browser and mobile devices.
  4. Robust Performance in Harsh Environments
    • Operate seamlessly in extreme conditions, with guaranteed functionality ranging from -25°C to 65°C.
  5. Versatility with Edge Extensions
    • Enjoy maximum flexibility with 4 IO-Link ports, Ethernet plug-in, and 4 digital I/Os included in every IO-GATE.
  6. Seamless Cloud Integration
    • IO-GATE seamlessly integrates with major cloud providers, offering effortless link-up with private cloud solutions.

IO-GATE Case Studies: Unleashing IoT Innovations

Enhancing Flood Prevention and Safety Measures

Revolutionize water level monitoring in dams with IO-GATE. Our case study in France showcases the power of IO-GATE in conjunction with IP cameras and purpose-built sensors. Real-time data transmission to the cloud enables continuous oversight, empowering timely responses to events like flooding or drought alarms.

Smart Solutions for Waste Management

In Austria, IO-GATE transforms waste management with an industrial IP camera and advanced AI tools. The system excels in intelligent waste assessment, leveraging 4G and 5G connectivity for uninterrupted data transmission. Real-time analysis in the cloud, geolocation tracking, and remote configuration adjustments ensure efficient waste management while contributing to environmental responsibility.

Choose IO-GATE for unparalleled 5G IoT gateway solutions, optimizing connectivity, and driving innovation across diverse industrial applications. Elevate your IoT experience with IO-GATE – Where Connectivity Meets Excellence.


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