Teltonika OTD140 Outdoor 4G Router

Teltonika Networks has announced the launch of its first-ever outdoor router, the OTD140, designed to provide seamless and uninterrupted connectivity in various weather conditions. This product is a significant innovation in networking solutions, especially for applications that require robust and reliable outdoor connectivity.

Teltonika OTD140

Key Features of the OTD140 Outdoor Router:

  1. Durability and Weather Resistance: The OTD140 is encased in durable, IP55-rated plastic (PC+ASA) housing, making it dust and water-resistant. This rating ensures that dust and water jets from any direction will not interfere with the router’s operation, making it suitable for outdoor environments.
  2. PoE+ Capabilities: The router is not just an outdoor device but also a PoE+ router. It can power end devices using the same cable that provides connectivity. It features two Ethernet ports with PoE+ capabilities, one for PoE-in and another for PoE-out, providing up to 15 W for powering an end device.
  3. LTE Cat 4 Connectivity: The OTD140 offers LTE Cat 4 connectivity and supports 2 SIM cards. This feature allows for failover, backup WAN, and other switching scenarios to ensure a stable and uninterrupted connection.
  4. Security and Protocol Support: The router secures connections using firewalls, VPNs, access control, and VLAN capabilities. It supports various industrial protocols such as Modbus, MQTT, SNMP, etc.
  5. No Wi-Fi Capabilities: It’s important to note that the OTD140 does not have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. For solutions that require Wi-Fi in addition to outdoor resilience, separate Wi-Fi access points like the TAP100 or TAP200 are recommended.
  6. Remote Management: Like other Teltonika Networks routers, the OTD140 runs on RutOS and is supported by their Remote Management System (RMS), enabling comprehensive remote management, access, and control over both the router and connected end devices.

OTD140 Use Cases

OTD140 outdoor 5G Router From Teltonika

The OTD140 is ideal for various outdoor applications such as CCTV cameras, sensors, lift stations, wind and solar farms, and more. Its design addresses the need for reliable networking solutions in challenging outdoor environments, where weather conditions like rain, snow, dust, and sandstorms are common.

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