ZTE MC889 and T3000 Outdoor 5G Router Bundle with WiFi6 Indoor Router

When you receive the ZTE MC889 and T3000 bundle you will not be disappointed.

The product box is high quality and when you open it up it reveals a nicely packed solution for home and office 4G and 5G mobile broadband.

The box includes:-

  • 1 x MC889 Outdoor 5G Router
  • 1 x T3000 Indoor WiFi6 Router (White) – looks very sleek and will look great on a desk – this is not wall mountable
  • 1 x POE Injector with UK 3Pin Plug (this provides power to the MC889 outdoor 5G router)
  • 1 x 2m White Ethernet Cable (connects from the POE Injector to the T3000 unit)
  • 1 x 15m White Ethernet Cable (flat type) – connects between the POE injector and the outdoor 5G router.
  • 1 x Mains lead for the T3000 WiFi 6 router.
  • It also comes with user manuals and a three labels with the router passwords.

How easy is it to get set up and start using the Internet?

Pretty Easy – Insert your SIM card into the SIM slot of the MC889 router and run one end of your long Ethernet cable through the router base plat and plug it into the Ethernet port of the router.  Run the cable to your indoors location and connect this to the POE Injector and connect the POE injector to the mains power.  The router will power up and if using a standard SIM should connect to the Internet without any configuration.  You can test this by plugging a PC into the LAN port of the POE injector with an Ethernet cable and check your Internet connection.  It usually takes the router a couple of minutes to connect to 4G/5G.

Now we need to connect the outdoor 5G router to the indoor WiFi6 hotspot.  Simply take the T3000, connect the Ethernet cable between the POE injector and one of the Ethernet ports on the rear of the T3000 and connect the T3000 to the mains power.

Your T3000 now provides high speed WiFi6 for all your wireless devices such as laptops, tablets, TV’s and other wireless networked devices in your home or office.  If you have devices such as older PC’s or printers without WiFi or are connecting to a home or office CCTV camera system or NVR then the T3000 has extra Ethernet ports that you can use for wired connections with Ethernet cables.

You can connect to the MC889 router and T3000 using a web browser and make configuration changes – for example you might want to change the APN on the router, check the connection type or set a daily reboot and for the T3000 unit you may want to change the SSID and passwords or change the LAN or DHCP settings.  You can see an overview of the router interface and T3000 interface in the videos below.


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